Our Themes

Our name  - Mission Models Money - recognised that these three aspects of any organisation – mission (programmes), model (organisational capacity) and money (capital structure) – are intimately related. Therefore any change in one inevitably has an impact – planned or unplanned – on others. Action is therefore needed on all three fronts at the same time to enable cultural organisations to flourish.

re.volution's re.source library and the expertise on offer through the network was themed to pick up on the importance of this 'iron triangle' and the necessity for organisations to continuously adapt and evolve to the unprecedented challenges and opportunities presented by the current operating environment.

Renew Mission

The starting point for many organisations seeking to become more resilient is to renew mission. Typically this includes considering whether their mission and activities are still appropriate, particularly given a context of rapid technological and other change, and how they relate to and communicate with audiences and other external stakeholders especially about the value they deliver.

Reconfigure Business model

Many small and medium sized arts and cultural organisations have significant assets.  These include any or all of the following; buildings, audience and other participants, technology, staff skills and experience, existing donors and supporters, volunteers and back catalogues of work produced. These assets might be used to generate more income and/or deliver greater value and/or develop new assets. Recognising what assets you have and how to get the most out of them is the central building block of our approach.

Revise approach to money

Accumulating reserves enables organisations to weather storms and to invest in organisational capacity to change and evolve both artistically and managerially in response to inevitable changes in the environment within which you operate.

Leadership, culture and values

Having the right organisational leadership, culture and values is key to success.  Arts and cultural organisations are values based organisations and adaptation and change needs to stay  true to these values for example, the prioritisation of environmental sustainability.